Making it simple for parents to understand your tuition fees

Tuition fees play an important part in the decision-making process for parents who are considering enrolling their children at your school. Parents need to know what your fees are. Fee information can often be difficult to find, and then parents must do the hard work to figure out the fees - this isn’t helping parents, or your school enrolments.

You can help prospective parents find the information they need, as easily as possible...

Introducing Feesable

Feesable provides a unique and simple experience to help parents easily understand your fees without the need to download, print, fill out or make calculations themselves. This can change negative feelings about paying fees, into a pleasing and positive experience for prospective parents.

Stand out.

The majority of schools have a nice PDF to show their tuition fee schedule.

In today’s digital age, parents expect more - if your school offers a unique user experience to help them understand and work out your fees, your school will automatically stand out from other schools.

Generate leads.
Drive enrolments.

As well as delivering a unique experience for parents, Feesable acts as a clever lead generation tool for your school.

In today's online transactional culture, people are willing to submit basic details in return for information. Feesable presents a non-threathening way for prospective parents to gain valueable information on tuition fees, and at the same time gathers useful data to help you follow up and nurture prospective parents, and ultimately increase enrolments.

I see it as a very helpful starting point to our leads... it is really helpful data that can be brought into a bigger picture narrative of how people are engaging with the College.
David Gray - Belmont Christian College

In the first month since launching we have averaged over 2 enquiries per day, with approximately 25% of those enquiries who are new to our College requesting follow-up.  Feesable... has become a key resource to assist and encourage new enquiries.

Brendan Wood - Green Point Christian College

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Feesable is a unique product designed just for schools by Elevate Creative.

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