School Website Redevelopment

Kuyper Christian School first engaged Elevate to create a microsite to assist with their delivery of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Elevate created the microsite on a very tight timeline and slim budget, and the result was a useful and functional solution to help Kuyper deliver their ‘School@Home’ online learning program.

When the COVID-19 virus hit, schools needed to be rapidly responsive in ways they had not previously envisioned. Anthony’s vision, experience and expertise were crucial in assisting us to build our School@Home micro-site and then the full website redevelopment.

In addition to the microsite, Kuyper was in desperate need of a website redevelopment to further communicate their brand, engage their community and reach new families. Taking a more broad approach and using the proven design thinking process, this project involved UX planning, in depth IA planning, full UI and bespoke design delivery, and custom development solutions.

Elevate was proud to partner with the small and passionate team at Kuyper to deliver a modern, attractive and meaningful website that will serve the school into the future, helping them to communicate well with their current community and reach new families.

Anthony’s strong project management skills, combined with a keen responsiveness, underpinned the smooth running of the project and the ability to bring the site to life on a short lead time. The site has not only met its functional requirements, but also bolstered confidence and provided new ways for us to be a school community as we navigate the changing educational environment.

Great support. Great partnership.

Ruth Thompson – Kuyper Christian School

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