The Subtleties of School Branding

A school shouldn’t really be known for its excellent branding, it should be known for excellence in education and the distinctive elements of the school vision and mission. But this doesn’t mean that a school shouldn’t have an excellent brand, or that branding isn’t important for a school. Good branding

Why the best brands don’t change (much)

Have you noticed that the best brands rarely change? Many big brands that we know and love today were around before we were born. We interacted with them as kids, they become ingrained in our lives as adults and we still engage with and love these ubiquitous brands. You may

Monitoring your school brand for better publicity

Do you monitor engagement and brand activity for your school?  You might have an informal strategy to check social media on a semi-regular basis, but what happens when you wake up in the morning and a ‘publicity situation’ has evolved overnight without your knowledge?  There’s also not much worse than

How to use a Style Guide at Your School to Build the Brand

Having a good style guide is important, but using it properly is even more important. No doubt most schools may have a style guide or brand guidelines; some quite good and detailed, some that need improvement or updating. But when it comes to actually using this guide effectively to do

Brand - Big Picture

Work out Purpose. Deliver on a Promise. Create Some Memories.

If I said this article is all about branding, you would probably have a decent idea of what it might be about. So yes, it’s about branding. But, I actually want to dig into this and perhaps challenge your thinking on what branding actually is, what it isn’t, and ultimately

Design Thinking process

Pixels, Process & Design Siblings

Design plays a bigger role in your life than you may think. The output of design is usually pixels. Pixels are what everyone consumes for seemingly endless hours each day as we work, play, watch, scroll, read, write, shop, eat… and so on. Our everyday life has so many interactions

bad logos

A Process to the Pixels [Branding]

A great logo feels like home. You almost don’t notice it, because it feels right, comfortable, natural, and you genuinely identify with it. On the other hand a bad logo stands out like a sore thumb… you notice it, but not for the right reasons. What’s the difference? What makes