The Subtleties of School Branding

A school shouldn’t really be known for its excellent branding, it should be known for excellence in education and the distinctive elements of the school vision and mission. But this doesn’t mean that a school shouldn’t have an excellent brand, or that branding isn’t important for a school. Good branding can be subtle, and this is particularly important for a school.

Every school has a brand  –  that much is obvious. But you may not realise that every single day, branding is already happening. Whether you know it or not, every single communication, interaction and touch point with the school, are creating ripples, building memories, associations, and perceptions of the school brand. All this branding activity is either building the brand up, or bringing it down. You don’t have to be overt in your branding, but you do need to be intentional and make sure the subtle, unseen cognitive elements of your brand work is building your school brand.

If you are intentional with your branding – if you double down on your vision and mission, affirm your value proposition, remind people why they chose your school, and deliver on your promise across all aspects of your school brand – you will turn onlookers into prospectives, prospectives into enrolments, and current parents and students into passionate advocates of your school brand.

At Elevate we are passionate about creating and developing school brands. We would love to learn about your school brand, so get in touch today.

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