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While Elevate Creative is essentially just one, I work with some other fantastic like-minded people and businesses that make it possible to deliver a full range of creative, digital and marketing services to help businesses to improve their branding, get the most from their marketing efforts and implement effective digital systems to enable growth.


Hi, I’m Anthony McCausland.

Firstly, I’m a husband to a lovely wife, and dad to 2 awesome kids. I live and work in Sydney, Australia and love to surf, play soccer and love to take a decent photo.

After all that, I am a marketing professional with a passion for clear communication and attractive, effective design. With a strong background and education in marketing communications, plus years of creative design experience, my strengths lie in combining marketing knowledge with good design to create effective communication tools.

From working in and for small businesses through to running corporate marketing programs, I’ve had a wide range of experience in advertising design, print and display, web design and development, mobile development, email marketing, search marketing, communications and PR, video production and marketing strategy.


Marketing and creative is so multi faceted these days that most projects require the knowledge and skills to deliver and wide range of services. While I certainly aim to cover many areas of marketing and creative with my skills, I also strive to do what I do, and do it well, rather than trying being all things to all people.

So, when I believe a project has requirements beyond my own skill set, I call on a some talented like-minded people…

To name a few, I work with clever developers, talented designers, search marketing experts and creative video professionals. Each brings complimentary skills, and shares a common passion to think beyond the norm and add value to every project.

I’ve chosen everyone of these based on relationship, trust, skills, experience and an obvious desire not to settle for mediocre. I rarely choose to outsource work offshore, unless a project completely fits this model – so you can expect to be working with only talented local people just like me.

“Thank you so much for being thorough and such a pleasure to work with. I know it was a very tedious task and I’m very grateful for your time and expertise. You have certainly stepped up the standard around here.”Sharon, Covenant Christian School.


Creativity drives all my projects - I'm never happy working inside the box (except this one!).

Make it look good

Print design, web design, UI/UX, email design, video production & direction.

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Driven by technology, digital is at the core of effective marketing today.

Make it work well

Websites, apps, custom development, marketing systems and processes.

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With years of digital marketing experience, this is what I love and do best!

Spread the word

Email campaigns, SEO, marketing strategy, copywriting, consulting.

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“I just want to say how well you have communicated the CLG story. Very subtle but very engaging.”Steven, CLG.
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“Your experience and objective eye is very helpful and appreciated.”Marian, Ecolease.

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I’d love to help with your next creative project, or learn about your marketing challenges.

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“Nice work on the designs… they loved it.”Antony, Cube Systems.