40th Anniversary Scribe Video

This scribe video was curated with a team at Covenant to celebrate and reflect on 40 years since the school was founded. Elevate managed the entire project from planning, script writing, sourcing voice over talent and creating the full scribe video animation. This included illustrating custom scribe elements, rough story boarding, laying out animation, editing … Read more

History Scribe Video

A scribe video created for a special celebration of a 100 year anniversary for a local church. Using a combination of hand crafted illustrations and stock elements, this scribe was carefully curated to produce a meaningful and memorable video for the celebration event.

Scribe Video

A low budget scribe or sketch style video created for a school to promote the school Association to parents and the wider community. We worked together with the client to write the script and create the story line. Scribe video was created in-house with custom ‘sketches’ created to suit the story. We organised the voice over talent through … Read more