40th Anniversary Scribe Video

This scribe video was curated with a team at Covenant to celebrate and reflect on 40 years since the school was founded. Elevate managed the entire project from planning, script writing, sourcing voice over talent and creating the full scribe video animation. This included illustrating custom scribe elements, rough story boarding, laying out animation, editing … Read more

History Scribe Video

A scribe video created for a special celebration of a 100 year anniversary for a local church. Using a combination of hand crafted illustrations and stock elements, this scribe was carefully curated to produce a meaningful and memorable video for the celebration event.

Custom Icon Design

A unique icon set custom designed to help outline the product line for a retail business. Icons are used on the website and on various other promotional material including banners, shop signage and print collateral. Each icon was hand-crafted with custom illustrations to represent each product category. Each icon also contains the ‘car’ element of … Read more

Mixed Media Design

A bespoke mixed media design created specifically for a roadshow event campaign. The original application of the design was graphics for a custom built truck to host the events. The design will also be used across other mediums as the ‘hero’ graphic for the campaign – used on the website, emails and other promotional material. … Read more