The Subtleties of School Branding

A school shouldn’t really be known for its excellent branding, it should be known for excellence in education and the distinctive elements of the school vision and mission. But this doesn’t mean that a school shouldn’t have an excellent brand, or that branding isn’t important for a school. Good branding can be subtle, and this … Read more

Monitoring your school brand for better publicity

Do you monitor engagement and brand activity for your school?  You might have an informal strategy to check social media on a semi-regular basis, but what happens when you wake up in the morning and a ‘publicity situation’ has evolved overnight without your knowledge?  There’s also not much worse than hearing news via a parent … Read more

How to use a Style Guide at Your School to Build the Brand

Having a good style guide is important, but using it properly is even more important. No doubt most schools may have a style guide or brand guidelines; some quite good and detailed, some that need improvement or updating. But when it comes to actually using this guide effectively to do what it was created for … Read more

Why branding is important for your school (and even more important right now)

school branding

This article is a little longer than planned as I’ve added a section to highlight why branding is so important amongst the current COVID-19 pandemic. I’d encourage you to read the full article of course, but if you want to skip down to the ‘Why branding is even more important right now’ section, go for … Read more